our love story

We met when we were 22. We fell in love. We spent a summer together by the ocean in California. We made plans.

Then Matt left to travel the world, Jess went back to the Midwest to finish her degree, and our relationship couldn’t weather the distance between us.

We parted ways. We didn’t speak for over 5 years. Life took us in opposite directions. Sometime during those 5 years, Matt would journal about wanting “a love like Jess.” He’d tell friends about the “one who got away.”

Then one night, we reconnected over the phone. We talked until the sun came up. We fell in love for the second time.

That phone call was 7 years ago. We’re going on 5 years as husband and wife, and 2 years as mommy and daddy to our beautiful son.

We live in a beachy little bungalow in Ojai, California with our son Otis, two cats, our pittie MJ and our 200 pound “mini” pig, Fiona. Our favorite place in the world is home. Some of our great loves include the beach, hiking, yoga, craft cocktails + music festivals. When we aren't home, you can find us on the road in our little vintage 1969 Aloha camper.

I (Jess) have been shooting weddings on and off for 15 years, and Matt has been shooting them with me for the last 7. We’ve been documenting love stories full time for the last 3 years together, and we truly feel so incredibly lucky to call it our job. One of our favorite things in LIFE is when our clients become our friends - and lucky for us, it happens often.

Thank you for taking a little time to read our love story. We’re so honored you’re here + would consider it a privilege to capture yours.

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