Clothing Guide 101 :: What To Wear (And Not Wear) For Your Shoot

Photo shoots can be fun (especially when you do them with us). But most of the time, you’re nervous going into them. Like, really nervous.

Well, we’re here to help with one major area of concern - what the f*%! do I wear?

Here are some general rules of thumb when choosing your outfits.

  • Neutral, coordinating colors. Whites, tans, taupes, beiges, blacks, grays, browns, rusts and the occasional blues. Muted tones. Denim. Think to yourself, “Can I find this color in the desert?” If the answer is yes - you’re on the right track.

  • Avoid bold patterns or wording. Patterns can be lovely in person, and who doesn’t love a graphic tee? But in photographs, a bold pattern or graphic can be really distracting. Try to stick with solid colors. If it’s fitting to throw in a flannel, that’s typically the one pattern we’ll approve of (because they’re just so damn cozy).


DO NOT MATCH. I repeat - do not match. Especially for family photos. Select clothing and colors that compliment one another, but avoid all showing up in the exact same color. Pick two or three colors (ex. rust, cream + denim) and mix them up.


  • Accessorize! Wear a hat. We LOVE hats. Or a scarf, chunky necklace or kimono. Try layering so you can have a few different looks in one outfit. Bottom line - accessories rule and they’re the perfect way to spice up a neutral-toned outfit.

  • Be authentically YOU. We love it when a couple or family’s personal style shines through in photos. The colors that are best for a photo shoot may seem restrictive, but get creative. You can certainly still wear clothing you love and that’s unique to you.

  • Consider the backdrop. Where will we be shooting - Mountains? Desert? Beach? Consider the setting of your photos when choosing your color scheme and your outfit style. If we’re shooting in the woods, avoid wearing browns and greens. Apply the matching rule to your location - try to coordinate with the colors of nature instead of blending in with them.

  • FLOWY DRESSES > all other dresses. Our shoots are always outside. You know what else is almost always outside? The wind. In our humble opinion, there is nothing better than a flowy skirt or dress that adds some movement to a photo when the wind catches it. They’re also just so damn pretty (and flattering). So, if you’re deciding between a short & tight sweater dress or a long, flowy number…always go with the latter.

So there you have it. Our go-to rules of thumb when it comes to dressing yourself and your loved ones for photo shoots with us. We hope your nerves are a bit more settled with these guidelines in your arsenal. And below are a few of our favorite sites for shopping photo shoot looks. Happy shopping!!!

Free People

Gigi Pip



Nordstrom Rack

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